Cinema & New Media

Thematic film program curated for Cinemateket, the Danish Filminstitute, 2000. A guest appearance by Lev Manovich was organized in collaboration with Artnode foundation and The Danish FilmWorkshop.


The program features a selection of experimental film- and videos that illuminate the transition from old to new media from a cinematic perspective - a transition not only defined by recent technological innovation but also characterized by artistic expressions and ways of employing the moving image across genres. With the computer as both tool and medium the cinematic core - the moving image - has recently been liberated from its narrative, distributive and productive tradition and returned to its mysterious pre-cinematic origin.

Short films:
Data Diaries (Cory Arcangel),
Wallpaper (Persijn Broersen),
City At Night (Gerard Holthuis),
The Tower (Racke & Muskens),
Live To Tell (Benny Nemerofsky),
City Tunes (,
Equestrian (Michiel Van Bakel),
Fips (Victor Lui),
Da Capo: Variations on a Train With Anna (Guy Sherwin),
Hairyred, Seed, Mediation (Casey Reas),
Into Routine (Lukacs & Broersen)

Feature films: Lola Rennt (Tykwer), Tron (Lisberger), Prosperous Books (Greenaway) Time Code (Figgis), Anaxhronix:The Movie (Hughes), The Decay of Fiction (Pat O'Neill), Man With A Movie Camera (Vertov), Corpus Collosum (Snow).