Fluid Text

Resarch and visualization project that explores the shift from a visual (analogue) to invisible (digital) culture.
A part of the project was designed as a visual essay and published in 55 north: Contemporary Scandinavian Design (UK) , Euroman (DK) , Visual Power (NL).


It is often said that we live in a visual culture, but is that really true? After all, most of our everyday interactions are facilitated by text - it is just not visible.

Text is being generated and stored somewhere whenever we search the web, receive emails, switch our phones on and off, use the ATM, check in at airports, move around in cellspace, use our credit cards etc.

Logfiles, metadata and megabytes are examples of text that enable communication in information society but because of its invisible, intangible and somewhat dull nature, the text is often disregarded.

Fluid Text is an attempt to visualize and recontextualize the relation between text and information society in order to better understand, demystify and discuss its presence and consequences.