Greatest Hits! My Favorite 365 Spam Subject Lines

Animated presentation of my favorite spam subject-lines collected from tens-of-thousands of junk mails through a period of 5 years. The subject lines have been subjectively organized in backwards order from 365 to 1.

Greatest Hits! is available for download (save to disk, 24k).
The countdown jumps in random intervals from 365 to 30 after which it plays one-by-one. Press spacebar to jump fastforward.

Shown at: POST CS Amsterdam, 2004 (NL), LiveHerring, 2006 (FI).

A selection of spam contributions from visitors at Liveherring 2006.

Spam imprinted t-shirts for those who bring their own favorite spam subject lines.

Coverage: Grow a Brain | Autodescontrol | Enlarge my Penis | Convergence Lab
SUMMARY: (2001)

Due to spam's intrusive and increasingly dubious nature it has become public enemy number 1 among internet users.

In fact, spam's growing amount of deadly enemies means that it is becoming an endangered species facing a high risk of extinction; spam filters and governmental legislations makes it harder for it to survive and although it will most likely continue to mutate and adapt to its legal and technical constraints, the spam as we know it today could soon extinct and turn into a historic internet curiosity.

Greatest Hits! offers one way of collecting and studying spam's presence while suggesting that we may find some truistic and poetic qualities in our daily amounts of unwanted e-junk.

By recontextualizing the spam the idea is to highlight the characteristic laconic, intimidating and sometimes playful language that has been authored and developed by anonymous spammers in order to lure naive recipients into spending money. Greatest Hits! is updated continuously, offering a mix of classic as well as up-to-date subject-lines.