Thematic film program curated for Cinemateket, the Danish Film Institute, 2004. Read the introduction + a review of the program (in Danish).


The program highlights similarities and differences between conceptual and technical ways of hacking, thus offering a more nuanced image as an alternative to the stereotyped b/w images usually created by the media.

The selection of films are thematically mixed but connected by the idea that hacking is best understood is a dynamic way of questioning systems such as the technologies, the politics and the corporate businesses that pervade our lives. The program features variations such as classic hacking, cracking, phreaking, hacktivism and culture jamming.

The Program:
Freedom Downtime (Emmanuel Goldstein)
The Secret History of Hacking (Ralph Lee)
Bringing IT ALL to YOU! (@TMark)
The Horribly Stupid Stunt (The Yes Men)
CultureJam: Hijacking Commercial Culture (Jill Sharpe)
The Hacktivists (Ian Walker)
Revolution OS (J.S. Moore)
Video hacking (Manuel Saiz)
Disinformation (Joshua Backer)
Unauthorized Access (Annaliza Savage)
Nothing so Strange (Brian Flemming)