The Matrix: 9x9

Movie composition made for the Classic II computer. The composition is made of 9 identical QuickTime loops that each consist of 9 frame grabs from the feature film 'The Matrix'. The original frames have been radically compressed into small 1 bit images and are no longer recognizable as anything but black and white squares. Due to its slow processor, the Classic II have difficulties in looping them at the same time and speed and consequently, the 9 movies will run in and out of sync, thereby generating random compositions.

Commissioned by Electrohype (SE) in 2004 for the Classic II Exhibition.

The Matrix: 9x9 employs the slow processor and low memory as a way of generating visual structures. At first, the movies play in sync, but after a short while it plays out of sync thereby generating random visual compositions (reload to see the effect).

As a symbolic gesture, the 9 frames originally depicts the main characters Neo and Trinity in different situations as their relationship develops. After being grabbed, each of the frames were scaled down to 9 pixels, reduced to 1 bit images and then enlarged and imported into Quicktime. Above is the source material to the left and the compressed images to the right.

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